My September goals

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It seems crazy even writing “September” here. Where has the year gone?!

Last month I realised that I was stuck in a nasty self-sabotage cycle that left me feeling uncertain and overwhelmed. If you read my post on self-sabotage, you will be aware that I’ve put my foot down. Spring is here and it’s time to get busy!

One of the things that I have wanted to do for a while is publish my monthly goals. Some of my favourite bloggers do this, and I love seeing their progress and find it really inspiring. Every month I am going to set out what I want to achieve here on Career Chronicles, and a recap on how I went in the previous month. If you are feeling inspired and ready to get things done, I’d love you to join me… let’s get some group accountability going!

Here’s what September is going to look like for me.

1. Launch Career Story Mondays

This is something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now, but never quite got it off my “to do” list. My new section on Career Stories is all about sharing tales of people who are taking a different path and achieving awesome things. I like the idea of publishing them on Monday morning, as an inspiring way to kick off the week.

I find interviews particularly challenging; I love chatting to incredible, motivating people and I put a lot of pressure on myself to do my absolute best when writing their stories. So in the spirit of getting things done, I’m announcing to the world that this. will. happen! 

At the moment I’m aiming to start next week, and I’ve got some great names lined up, so make sure you check in soon for this!

2. Develop a content schedule

… and stick to it!

One of the biggest challenges that I have is actually pressing the “publish” button. I have heaps of ideas ready to go (and a lot of half done posts!), so this month I want to get some systems in place which help me get ahead with my posts. I know that I need to publish more, and getting organised is definitely the best way to achieve this.

I’m also going to send my content schedule through to one of my accountability buddies as extra motivation to get this happening. Fingers crossed!

3. Not be distracted by “busy tasks”

Working full time and having a busy calendar really means that I have limited time to research and write posts. Now I’ve got my content schedule sorted, I want to spend September focusing on really productive tasks, and not be distracted by things that aren’t really helping me achieve my goals (ie scrolling through my Instagram feed…).

september goals collective hub

On the topic of distractions, I loved this recent post from The Collective (@acollectivehub)

It’s so easy to get trapped into playing around with social media, and reading random blog posts… I’m sure I’m not the only one that goes through phases like these! At the Problogger conference there was plenty of chatter about focus, so this is something that I really want to focus on. If you are interested, I’ll  be sharing some of the things that I learned at Problogger later this week, so check back in for that.

4. Finish Pinfinite Growth

A couple of weeks ago I started a course run by Melyssa of the Nectar Collective called Pinfinite Growth, which is all about finding the focus of your blog and using Pinterest to build your traffic.

Because I have only just started Career Chronicles I had to start from absolute scratch (much like my Instagram…!), so I’ve got a lot of work to do. I’m loving the course so far; I always thought that Pinterest was just for hairstyle and food inspiration, but I was so wrong! There’s heaps of amazing stuff there for bloggers, and people looking for career tips, so I’ve been enjoying pinning away!

I’m about half way through now, but after an initial burst of activity I’ve let my progress slide. It’s been really good so far, and I love Melyssa’s style, so I’d love to get it done in September and really start to see some growth! I’ll be sure to let you know how I go.

5. Focus on wellness

Finally, a big goal for September is to get myself fit and healthy again.

I’ve been struck by this awful flu that has been doing the rounds, and after two weeks I still haven’t been able to shake it. It’s definitely time to look after myself… I’ve really neglected my health with everything happening this year. It’s exactly one month until my birthday, and I want to bring in my next year feeling much better than I do right now!

What have you got in store for September? Comment below or write them down. Let’s check back in at the start of October to see how we go!


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