My October goals

Welcome to my second monthly goals post! It feels like Summer is already here, and I’ve just got back from a long weekend away in South Australia. The weather was incredible, and I had the best weekend away drinking wine with my friends.

Anyway, let’s get to it!

First of all, it might sound crazy but I think writing my goals and sharing what I wanted to get up to actually workedI felt heaps more focused and on task, so I’m going to keep going. Like everything, there’s always room for improvement, and I wouldn’t say that being more open about my goals suddenly made me a perfectly accountable productivity machine, but hey, you got to start somewhere, right?

Recap of September goals

So, September ended up being quite a productive month for me. I certainly started publishing more, and a lot people actually noticed the spike in my activity! I’ll call that a win.

Let’s take a look at my specific goals:

  • Launch Career Story Mondays: I’m pleased to say this happened! I launched with Jennie Geisker, and this post was really popular. Unfortunately, the next week I was flat out on the weekend and didn’t get a chance to finalise my next interview, which I was really disappointed about. I finished off the month on a high with an interview with David Bakker, who is running a Pozible campaign for a mental health app called MoodMission, so definitely check that out here. I’m still deciding if I want these to be fortnightly or – yikes – weekly! We’ll see how that goes.
  • Develop a content schedule: This happened and I generally stuck to it. I made a few swaps, but I don’t see this as a bad thing if it means I’ll be more organised this month! For example, I read about Jerome from The Wellness Doctrines on LinkedIn and reached out to him to see if he would be interested in promoting his new book on Career Chronicles. I am really passionate about educating people on mental health issues, so I was really happy to share Jerome’s post, as well as the interview with David in September.
  • Not be distracted by busy tasks: I’m feeling more organised, so I guess this happened to an extent. While I still spend a lot of time on social media (it’s pretty inevitable in my job and with this site), I have started to focus on “batching” tasks. This means that I will dedicate a chunk of time to a particular task – like social media – and then after that time is up, I’ll focus on my next task. I definitely recommend looking at your list of things to do and seeing if you can batch a few things together, it really helps with my productivity.
  • Finish Pinfinite Growth: This didn’t happen… but I made some progress! Hopefully over the next few months you will see some small tweaks to my site as I slowly learn more design skills! A big thing about growing my Pinterest following is obviously learning how to make attractive pins. I started doing this in Canva, but then got frustrated and wanted to learn more about Photoshop, so I signed up for an Introduction to Photoshop course. I was really excited for this (I even missed the Bachelor final!), but the course was really average. So then I was even more frustrated! Anyway, long story short I’m back on Canva and working on it! Feel free to check out my work on Pinterest: I’m found @CareerChronicles.
  • Focus on wellness: I think I achieved this in part, but I’m still a work in progress! For me, wellbeing is linked to organisation: if I am not organised, I let my wellbeing slip. I’m going to keep working on prioritising my health this month.

My October goals

Start (properly!) a Career Chronicles newsletter

As someone who subscribes to a lot of newsletters, I have always been pretty hesitant about actually adding to the noise in people’s inbox. I know that this is silly and I need to just get started – and get a good routine going – with my newsletter.

Because I really want to commit to offering great value to my email subscribers, I’m not going to do weekly newsletters. My new approach (!) is all about doing things that are sustainable, and I think that preparing a newsletter every week is a bit much at this point. I think that fortnightly is a good compromise, so I’m going to get that started this month. Watch this space!

Get social

One of the problems with rebranding my blog was that it means I am starting from absolute zero on all the social channels. Not that I’m complaining, but the first mover advantage when it comes to social media is real! 

This month I want to keep focusing on Pinterest, as well as getting my Instagram account off the ground. Again, I really want to do this in a way that’s valuable to my community, so I need to schedule some time to think about how this is going to work. I also want to get back on Periscope! I did my first scope over a month ago, and was so nervous – video is scary. Apparently it gets better with practice, so fingers crossed!

Guest posting

One of my 90 day goals is to do more guest posting by the end of the year. Having this target in mind a few months out is super helpful; once again, it’s been on “the list” for a while now, but never really came into action apart from semi-regular posts with Leaders in Heels and Little Miss Melbourne.

Having the 90 day goal in mind, I’ve created a list of the publications I want to write for and topic ideas for each publication. I hope that this will also help me to be strategic in contacting Editors and starting to build processes for taking on another huge chunk of content!

One thing I’m really trying to do is be more realistic about my time and what is possible. I think there’s lots of power in being a bit more deliberate, and learning how to say no. Initially I thought that I would publish 10 guest posts this year. I don’t think there was a particular reason why I picked 10 posts, apart from the fact it’s a nice round number! Given it’s now October, I decided that’s completely unrealistic, and now I’m going to aim for five guest posts.

Keep focusing on my wellbeing

This is a follow up from last month, and don’t think that this will be off my list for a while. It’s my birthday this week, and I’m really starting to feel stressed about not looking after myself properly for the past year(s?!). Again, organisation is the key. What can I say, I’m a work in progress!

What are your big goals for October? And what are the smaller steps that you are going to put in place to get there? Comment below or get in touch – let’s keep this accountability circle going!


  • Develop a content schedule and not being distracted by busy work is SOOO important. As a realtor and youtube creator its so easy to get lost in busy work. I have timer reminders set in my phone. If i can not seem to focus I set 15 minute timer so It buzzes, I am done for a few minutes and move on.

    • That’s so true, I realised that while I thought I was busy – I wasn’t actually getting anything done, which was such an annoying cycle! I like the idea of setting timers on your phone, that’s a great idea! Thanks for your tips Ericka!

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